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Although sanctioning of a student...

Mar 6, 2012 5:27 PM

Student loans in default: Consequences of defaulted student loans

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Although sanctioning of a student loan can help you you to pursue higher studies, per annum, the us is facing an increased choice of cases that feature student loans in default. There is some of cases that may cause a default within the student loans. Falling by the wayside of school/university before completion of some extent means you would mostly possibly fail to wind up with a gigantic job. It is one of the vital major reasons that cause default in case of student loans.

I'm not really fearing about NS

Jul 6, 2011 12:21 PM

Another semester has ended

from Jasper Chen by Jasper Chen

"It's too fucking fast". Well, that was to simply put things. "Why?! 1 more year to graduation?", seemed to be much relevant. "Oh fuck! NS is coming", is the ultimate expression to being a male (gay and lazy) 2nd year (coming 3rd year) poly student.

I had so many resolutions for 2008, but I haven't had the motivation or time to accomplish them. Those resolutions leads to bigger things, which I guess is good, but yet by then I might have to much things to do to be able to juggle properly.

Besides, I only have a year left before I need to put everything I need to do to a rest, in preparation for NS.

I'm not really fearing about NS... it is just the feeling of being trapped somewhere, and losing things you have now.

Ahh well... I still have a year to think about so many things. Before that, maybe I should start somewhere in those resolutions, and make 2008 the perfect last year of enjoyment, work and play before the transition into NS and the workforce.

They just attract

Jul 6, 2011 12:21 PM


from Jasper Chen by Jasper Chen

This is a post about jealousy. It's gonna be damn emo, so to save you from the trauma, I'm gonna just summarise it.

Some people are like magnets. They don't have poles, and don't repel.

They just attract.

I hate it. I hate it.

I'm so negative lately. Gosh.

Business Opportunities

Jan 18, 2012 7:30 PM

How To Tap The Right Franchise Business Opportunities For You

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Business Opportunities

How To Tap The Right Franchise Business Opportunities For You

Article by Tom Vo

There are as many franchise business opportunities floating in the market now as there are, well, many ways you can “skin a cat.” That’s how lucrative and attractive these opportunities have become of late.

In the US alone, Entrepreneur magazine comes up with an annual list of top ten franchises that range from fast food services to hardware stores to hotel chains to hair salon services to housekeeping and janitorial services and a slew of other services. From among these franchise business opportunities, however, fast food remains to be the top franchising opportunity. (Yes, wonder no more if you’ve been eating more burgers and fried chicken than ever before!)

The allure of opportunities stems from the fact that there is already an existing system or model of business that one can just copy. The ease with which someone could jumpstart a business makes a franchise business very attractive indeed!

But if you’re new to the business world, you must take note that success in business, be it a franchise or an independent business, is not guaranteed. There are still a number of factors that affect how a business turns out. This is why before you take a step further and decide on a franchise business, better scope out these business opportunities first and do what a prudent and diligent student would do: research.

Is the franchise business model for you?

Do your homework. Exercise due diligence. Know what you’re getting into. Research.

Nothing truly beats being in the know and prepared for what lies ahead when trying to decide which from among the many franchise business opportunities is the right one for you. In checking the background of these franchise businesses, you have to see first whether the business model or system suits you.

Here are some questions that you could ask yourself just to get things started in your research:

Do you see yourself as an independent business person?Do you prefer working with a partner?Would you like some freedom and control over your business?

These questions could actually help you decide at the outset whether franchise business opportunities are your thing or not. The buck could stop there, so to speak, and should you realize that being bound by a franchise would be too limiting for you, not to mention expensive because of royalties and fees that you need to pay, then there’s no need to proceed and you are better off seeking other business models.

Is the underlying industry of the franchise business stable?

Of course, common sense would dictate that you have to determine whether or not the industries to which these franchises belong to are in no way closing up shop soon. I hope you don’t actually believe that video rental stores would still make it big do you?!

Prudence dictates that you read a lot about these types of opportunities that you will be considering before coming to a final decision. Better safe than sorry!

Is the franchise business model a success?

At the end of the day, you would want your research work of the different franchise business opportunities to lead you into answering the question of whether or not the business model you have chosen will be a success.

To reiterate, success in business can never be guaranteed. However, the risks may be minimized if you work with a business model that suits you and your lifestyle. Your best gauge in determining whether or not the success meter for these opportunities would be high is by hearing the testimonials of owners themselves.

Testimonials from owners will form a good part of your research work of these various franchises. Don’t hesitate to ask the owners questions like how difficult or easy the operations are, how soon you can recoup your initial investment, what are the problems you will be dealing with, etc. This process will really give you a greater picture of what to expect from this type of business.

And when the research is done, choosing from among the different franchise business opportunities will be a breeze!

Resource Box

Check out this franchise business opportunity and find out if it’s a perfect fit for you. View the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj7bFpgKn9Y

A New Year Brings New Opportunities With College Pro

Business Opportunities

College Pro offers you the chance to manage your own painting or window cleaning business where you learn skills and real-world experience that cannot be taught in the classroom. Being able to run a business is an opportunity that has provided college …

Business Opportunities question by Recycle M: Any business opportunities out of scanning newspapers and keep in archive?

Any business opportunities out of scanning newspapers and keep in archive? Who will need these archives? Will the newspapers will pay us if they want buy from us?

Business Opportunities best answer:

Answer by Shred Guy

The newspaper owns the copyright to their work. If you wanted to host an online archive you would need to pay them for the right to do so. However, they already do this themselves.

Idea before you start making money online

Mar 6, 2012 5:27 PM

Idea before you start making money online

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make money online

Pixies Wang Center in Boston, 27 November 2009

Almost fun to see how they href = “http://www.flickr.com/photos/cdevers/sets/72157605753671431/”> Links on show mainly through rel = “nofollow” > Vanity Fair -. The Pixies, redemption is the right thing to do It sounds very good life thanks excellent sound definition and the songs themselves, the photographs are so vibrant, incredibly dark color such as David LaChapelle. Having said all this yet, it is difficult to conclude that the Pixies, the most famous members are rumors that it’s not like each other very much, was a tour of the Union to escape the past five years compelling reason: money. Earn this money was probably already beyond their wildest imagination, have again in the late 80s and 90s early, when they actually write songs together off Alben.Ist is a bad thing? This, if it means to spend the public dollar view from above through the steps to redeem the check band. But that’s not what happened last night. The crowd was ecstatic, amazed at his luck ritual personally Pixies. I spent countless hours listening attentively Doolittle, Surfer Rosa, and come, Pilgrim brought them right now, if she could share her obsession with thousands of like-minded souls. They knew every word to songs like mainstream stranger, “Hey,” “Monkey Heaven” and even “Gouge Away.” Not even yelling, crying Twins have this level of intimacy with the repertoire of each of their masks and idols. It takes time, it has become too close to the album, and by extension, the entire enterprise. And if I’m right, then I saw the concert last night the young, the last generation to see the music and hungry for an opportunity to evaluate it running for yourself to know. Boston Globe – Pixies return Monday Doolittle. Loyal fans of the band stops, as well as victims of divorce. They appreciate the stories of good times long after the battle begins, and the records Anschlag.Ein album called “Doolittle” is proof that the good times were really good – really good.The Pixies recorded their second full length album in 1989, and is considered a masterpiece The title of the band Boston, mainly by over-zealous fans who hide in the online forums and contribute to their mouths, “Come on foot” T-shirts, long after they have been washed out and gray. Balance of melodic guitars, and howling demonic, “Doolittle” solidified the place of the term” strong” / soft language of rock ‘n’ roll sublime as Pixies and the godfather of grunge. The 20th album to celebrate birthdays, Pixies back on tour, playing all the songs from “Doolittle and his B-sides” in the show. Tour stopped Wang tomorrow night. [...]” Doolittle” embodies the extremes that he remembered Pixies . The album is brutal. The opening track “Debaser,” is at the cutting eyes, and from there,” Doolittle only increases” in apocalyptic lyricism, with songs about hell, blood, aliens, and AIDS. [...] One of the most widely revered songs from Pixies catalog, simple and fast, for him, “Here Comes Your Man testifies,” out of this fortress would pop the tape. Song is on track 5? Doolittle,” if it was written years before so. Steve Albini, an audio engineer who recorded the first album “Pixies” Surfer Rosa,” argued successfully at the top, “Here Comes Your Man” from the album. But the engineer Gil Norton, who” worked Doolittle,” the song he saw the potential. ” In” Here Comes Your Man 2 singles was one that “produces Doolittle.” Two,” monkey paradise” at the other end of the spectrum is the album, though the songs are separated by only male. full demonic numerology and screaming, “monkey gone ” Paradise dissonance and darkness of the Pixies, encapsulates both musically and socially. Boston Globe -. Pixies Party like it’s 1989 full album concert concept became so popular in recent years at a gimmick to help juice sales catalog and less inclined to draw a group they have invested time and money to look at. But with a record like intoxicating irresistible as the “Doolittle,” It just created a second breakthrough alt-rocker mouths of their audience wants to party like it’s 1989 verstehen.Es felt to be suitable for the University of Massachusetts group, had pressed home hub that show 94 minutes – the first of two sold out concerts at City Wang Theatre – it felt like meeting old friends. big, strong, dry saturated, memory, feeling for producing conference tracks sticky and guitars screaming. Sure, that was increased every few pounds and lost some hair, but the spirit is there, from a crisp bit of David Lovering down and Frank Black throat shredding Schrei.Old-school fans and young people get their first live taste the group yelled right along the outbreaks of “monkey paradise” to” Dead. ” The crowd jumped in droves rate turn left “Crackity Jones’ and grab the” Here Comes Your Man” with black and bassist Kim deal accurately replicate their metal and smoke harmonies. “wave of mutilation” has two spins, with the original is place in a whisper smooth “UK Surf” Mona emerge Zugabe.Deal taste, machine drive, including evening tour guide, so on the progress messages -” We were having a first side” – with stupid band that backed Grinsen.Die center 40 minutes with the quartet of B-sides album and various additions to the brim with non-”Doolittle” Favorites. These included a large juicy battered hum” into the White House,” complete with your father cloud of dry ice to cool COO and growl of “Where is my head,” and echoes and serious “giant.” buzzed indie – Jay Reatard swing heating tasks handled by the evening. href href=”http://www.boston.com/ae/music/articles/2009/11/28/the_pixies_party_like_its_1989/” rel=”nofollow”> all Chris Devers posterous blog – Pixies play Wang Center in Boston news.bostonherald.com/entertainment/music/general/view/20 … Show 90 minutes with excerpts from” Un Chien Andalou,” cut a short film surreal scene in the infamous eyeball started. This was particularly inspired Debaser”,”” kickoff to Doolittle.” Pixies played the album perfect thing to say, most of the songs were nasty, brutish and short ist.Songs almost went 3-minute mark. Santiago’s noisy storms were essential guitar, but were surging pop hooks” in” Here comes your man guitar licks Surf-splattered. Deal of the high harmonics lent some sweetness schreit.Nach Francis game” Doolittle,” she encored with a few B-sides before nailing hits” Where is my mind?” And” petition”. What causes the strange longevity “Pixies? Band life after death, if you will, maybe it’s life, and perhaps even more turbulent than it was in conflict two decades ago, like The Pixies, strange, rel = true aspect / – expensive .. Pixies tickets, or visitor can get to complain about the show It is much more than a week since Jim DeRogatis rated first night of Doolittle Pixies’ three-night retrospective Aragon ballroom in Chicago. DeRogatis excitement among the fans mouths with statements such as: … Hard to see them nothing but a cynical society blatant cashing in on nostalgia version of Creedence Clearwater Revisited hipper, or travel sings with this group in order to protect these Tagen.Pixies side, DeRogatis has a right to his opinion. After all, it’s his job. Like any critic who had ever met the scarcest hint of diehard fans opposition over the years can tell you do not always work with what you agree to write. And of course they came rolling in eight sections of the Pixies set DeRogatis wrote. There were comments from fans, who could not believe Pixies DeRogatis favorite bands will be compared to any campaign – Travel? There were comments from fans that DeRogatis was elitist and assuming the worst before he set foot on the Aragon said href href=”http://cdevers.posterous.com/the-pixies-play-the-wang-center-boston”> Flickr. -. Pixies Wang Center in Boston, 27 November 2009 href = “http://news.bostonherald.com/entertainment/music/general/view/20091128pixies_dust_off_a_classic/srvc=home&position=recent” rel = “nofollow”> Kelly has thoughts – Pixies Pictures sdowen Flickr user: Pixies Wang Center in Boston – November 27 th 2009 – a collection of images from the second row, as opposed to my pictures from the last row of upper gallery


Idea before making money online to start

Articles by Shafiqul Haq


Now, most people today are looking for some extra income on the Internet. Therefore, the demand for money on the internet is growing day by day. Another reason men do silver priorities is better than staying home mothers and economic slowdown have grown. The economic crisis makes people unemployed. And that’s why people are looking online for easy passive income and fast solution.But sad thing is most people do not earn money online is not as easy as they think. That every day thousands of people recently connected to the Internet and online has been 2.09 billion users worldwide, according to an online survey of 31 March 2011. Or you could say 30% of the population connected to the online world. March 31, 2011 that the world population was 6,930,055,154 2,095,006,005 web where users.So What this figure tells us? It’s easy to tell us that to be successful online you earn money to educate themselves and have sufficient knowledge and skills, as it takes to make money online. To do this you need to read the ezine, read tips of blogs on various topics of marketing and the conditions required to be your destination. And how you can get a good affiliate marketer or someone who can work online work at home successfully. In fact there are a thousand kinds of ways to make money online. You can start reading something like a blog, which make money online guide published and discussed.You shall also keep in mind that you earn can be small or big money in the knowledge that you have gathered. Apply There are many websites, online tools software is available that make the difference for you, why a study before he hurries if you need something that needed more money than anyone else of your regular job, it can do. You can stop or quit your job for you and once that comes from the Internet. If time does not produce enough money than you do online work as part-time job and keeping your existing job, if you have previously. This article is going to make money website useful for online entrepreneur. This site falls within the category tips and ideas or as a category. Education and education about online job seekers, want to make money. So the owner of the item Shafiqul Haq suggested that this type of ezine website or blog, or know of a discussion rather than, as Forum to develop skills to make money online. No way this is achieved, not his expectation of the time, that has a huge number of users connected with the Internet and some online. There are so many people are the interest of making some extra money. So to compete successfully in this article will be helpful for people with a matter of making some extra money.

Facebook assured that advertisers do more prominent ads help

Make Money Online

Rare east coast came to Facebook tunable offering is expected to be largest for the U.S. Internet company to send a clear sign that Facebook is ready to do serious money online advertising.

make money online question of Ian ? How can I make money online as a bodybuilder

I’m looking for ways to make money online seeking more like a bodybuilder, but I’m not talking about porn. How to move like I can make money online before best answer:

Reply Mark Emery

like a bodybuilder, why not write a story about how people can start bodybuilding. Then design a website and sell it cheap report the front end. Then. Back up to encourage the more expensive products such as suppliments. It should work well for you