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I'm not really fearing about NS

Jul 6, 2011 12:21 PM

Another semester has ended

from Jasper Chen by Jasper Chen

"It's too fucking fast". Well, that was to simply put things. "Why?! 1 more year to graduation?", seemed to be much relevant. "Oh fuck! NS is coming", is the ultimate expression to being a male (gay and lazy) 2nd year (coming 3rd year) poly student.

I had so many resolutions for 2008, but I haven't had the motivation or time to accomplish them. Those resolutions leads to bigger things, which I guess is good, but yet by then I might have to much things to do to be able to juggle properly.

Besides, I only have a year left before I need to put everything I need to do to a rest, in preparation for NS.

I'm not really fearing about NS... it is just the feeling of being trapped somewhere, and losing things you have now.

Ahh well... I still have a year to think about so many things. Before that, maybe I should start somewhere in those resolutions, and make 2008 the perfect last year of enjoyment, work and play before the transition into NS and the workforce.

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